The turmoil in nutrients with Organic Company

Food is the basic necessity to stay alive. With the intake of food, we get various essential nutrients in our body. It helps in proper development of body and mind. If we go back and look at the food habits and the quantity of nutrients we were taking, the figures are disturbing. Half of our changing lifestyle is to be blamed for this disastrous event and half of the credit goes to the unhealthy or deprived nutirents we were getting from the food around us. This in return results in adding health- burden to the society. With the certain amount of need to act before letting the burden crippled our shoulders, Organic Farming Companies, come into the picture. These companies are solely dedicated to bring the left out nutirents, back to our meal.

Organic Farming Companies

What is organic food? Do we really need it?
Organic food is defined as food that is free of additive artificial colors in it and is prepared under the naturally favorable conditions, keeping its nutrients intact for eating. Nercoram Bioteck is one of the most talked about and preferred organic certified company in Pune that comprises of a wide and healthy range of food, including almost every possible nutrient required. Yes, we need the organic food in our bowl irrespective of any age group. Because you always want to stay healthy and fit in your life, without the consideration of your age. If we talk about the benefits of organic food, then we have a huge list of the enlisted beneficial impact of it.

1.Fresh Food
2.less or no pesticide
3.Better for Environment
4.Richer in Nutrients
5.GMO- Free
6.pure with natural taste added preservatives

If you at any certain point of time have thought to add any of these qualities in your food, organic food is for you.

The Technique behind our perfection!

We have introduced the process of Nanotechnology in our organic productions. It is a process that includes the engineered production of nano- particles in the size range 1 to 100 nanometers. It helps in increasing the efficiency of the production rate and reducing the cost for the same. These Nanoparticles are bio-activated and bio-energized nutritious, components and ingredients and hence are safe to be in your stomach.

We have started this venture of supplying balanced diet to you from 2013. Our certified range of organic food ensures that you eat chemical free food.

We are perfect Farming partner

Our concern is to inoculate the best solutions for crops, soils, birds, animals and human. With our eco- friendly range of products, we have brought the concept of “Biologically Activated Products from Plants Extracts”, so that they do not harm the nature. Our main occupation of living is farming. To make our company grow economically, we have to make our farming practices better.We are one of the soil conditioner company that provides various soil productivity boosters to our farmers. We had a range of agro- organic products that are best in terms of effectivity, affordability, and sustainability.

On Stop Solution

For your all food solutions, you can reach us. We will provide the best answers to your doubts. We are taking forward the revolution of nano-fertilizers through our products. So far, we have been successful and are waiting for much more such Sucess stories to come up for this noble cause!

The Leading Agro Solution

Necoram Bioteck is the best Bioteck Company in Pune. The company manufactures and markets products that are biologically activated from extracts of plants. It believes that agriculture plays an important role in increasing, the economy of the country. The company is dedicated to advancement in agriculture, horticulture, floriculture dairy and poultry. It produces the most efficient, reasonably priced, sustainable and creditable agro – organic range of products. Necoram Bioteck is the best agro solution company in Pune.

With the assistance of Nano Science, the company motivates the entire farmers to utilize a much lesser quantity of products for the bigger productions and stressing on lessening the production costs.

 Organic company

The foundation values of Necoram Bioteck are

  • Growth.
  • Action.
  • Grit.
  • Data Driven.

Necoram Bioteck has a propensity towards actions, there is for all the time more to do than just the job that is done. The company figures out the next correct thing to be performed and then it is done. It is not the numbers that matter, the company values in decision making, performance measures and goal setting on the basis of the data. The company uses Nano Science which is a combination of applications of scientific and engineering beliefs. It is used in very tiny things for giving the best results at costs that are tremendously low. This application has the possibility to revolutionize the industries that are related to agriculture and other industries with latest tools for treating molecular diseases, fast detection of diseases, enhancing the capability of plants to take in nutrients and generating the best results.

Nano Science also helps in protecting the environment indirectly via the use of alternative supplies of energy and catalysts to lessen the pollution and clean up the pollutants that are present . The company has set up a Nano Plant at Chiplun by using the company’s third party sales. The theory of Nano Science functions on soil activators, boosters of micro flora and the most prevailing nutritional complement to the soil and the plants. For diary, nano science has a special concept of increasing the yield of milk by making the cattle conceive frequently.

The products of Necoram Bioteck are:

  • Soilclik+
  • Aquaclik
  • Dairyclik
  • Soilclik
  • Soilkit

Soilclik is an exclusive mix of nutrients that are biologically activated like minerals, vitamins, amino acids etc in the form of liquids that gives whole nutrition to the plant that causes a boost in photosynthesis. It is also useful in making the entire important ingredients that are easily accessible in the independent form, thus adding other benefits to the plant quality. The benefits are maximization of bio – accessible minerals, increasing the conditions of the soil, improving the amount and quality of the fruits, cereals and vegetables, quicker development of the plant in terms of vegetative and reproductive, lessening the growth of occurrence of fungi , bacteria and virus, improving shelf- life of production and resistance to changes in the environment.

Dairy Clik is an additive of nano technical that includes a source of encapsulated microbial that is concentrated, a distinctive mix of enzymes, compounds that are pre-biotic and joint with minerals , micro nutrients, amino acids and yeast that is nutritious for utilizing in nutrition of animals. Dairyclik and its constituents were established to develop the average milk manufacturing protein content and content of fat with an enhanced return on investment.

Aquaclik as the name suggests, is used for aquatic animals that are largely reliant on a sufficient supply of nutrients in terms of both amount and quality regardless of the system of the culture in which they are developed. Aquaclik consists of minerals, amino acids, lipids that will increase the production, weight, nutritional worth, fertility therefore further reducing the rate of mortality.

Soilkit is a kit that is bio- energized and bio-activated for plants and soils. It is a mix of 21 minerals, important amino acids, 6 groups of Vitamins and MHA. By using the Soilkit continuously for a period of two years, the land will be certified as land that is completely organic and the respective production will be certified and called the entire organic produce.